Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PosterGenius keygen or cracked

Welcome guest,

you are probably here because your are googling for a free (and/or cracked) version of PosterGenius.

Instead of using a cracked unstable and unsupported copy of this software i have a challenge for you.

As a member of PosterGenius dev team i will provide 3 PosterGenius personal licenses to 3 guys who will have the best argument.

Just answer to this simple question:

"Why do you need/want a free license of PosterGenius?"

The best answers will win a free official license of PosterGenius.


Yi-Hsueh said...

To your challenge:
Desperately need the program.

Poor science major student,

Anonymous said...

Well, well... Consider me being a good Samaritan: I want to increase your company turnover and to improve ROI figures.
How it could be achieved? Easy :)
Our University has reasonable budget and draconian financial department. The only thing that helps is bruteforce ;).
So, we start working with a free software, all assistant professors pretending to be full professor for the outer world, all PhD students who do real job, etc. use it. Slip streamed from me.
Conferences, workshops...
Everyone gets high (he-he, I mean scientifically high).
All of a sudden, we tell the guys: part is over, that's it, folks.
No more free lunches!
But they are already used to it! They want it badly ( I supposed it will be good enough, remember the story about Bill Gates visiting hell&heaven "It was a demo version, son!")
When a lot of foot soldiers go to professor, he will be more willing to tall to financiers inside purchasing department. s there will be more professors, the financial firewall will fall down, and site license will be purchased.

I'm not Scheherazade, just a humble guy living in Dutch marches, but this approach might work.

P.S. Please let me know, if you don't like this story, I gonna tell you another one next night. I've got 1000 more truly unique stories.

natalie said...

My answer would have to be simply this:

I am a biology, as well as a psychology, major in college. I also plan on going into medicine, either in the biomedical field or else medical technology, that I have undertaken research projects in order to better qualify myself for consideration into medical school. With that said, I have to present my findings and research in ways that not only allow me to earn an A for the class, I have to do so in a manner that is presentable to a mass of people (e.g., a lecture hall) in a clear and concise manner so that others can derive meaning of what I've done - which is why posters are helpful for me to use, since it not only allows me to present facts in a manner that flows nicely and can be organized however I wish, it also provides the reader a sense of what the research or project was about without having to read an entire paper. I use posters a lot in college, mainly because it's easier to present information in a way that makes the purpose of what I've done much easier and faster to grasp, but because I really hate to write papers so I'd much rather create a poster any day..

Los cuentos de mis hijos said...

Why do you need/want a free license of PosterGenius?
A=/ Because I live in a "poor" country (Colombia) who prefers use the money in war. The research is poor supported and we have not resources to acquire this kind of software, If we need to buy one software we must prioritize for other class of software. I'm not telling that your software does not deserve our attention. For this reason we are using poor capacity software (powerpoint, openoffice) to show our research work. I believe in free software, and if this program were free certainly I would use it (I used the trial version). I'm looking for a quality software. For this reason I want the license. Tanks' a lot

Alejandro said...

Because i live in Cuba. I can't pay the price even if i have the money that i haven't and is much necessary to me to make a poster for my presentation.

skounis said...

Hi all, and thank you for your comments and your interest in PosterGenius.

Please contact me directly or leave a contact information.

All of you will receive a free license of PosterGenius


THE Banana said...

Now do tell me how shitty is my luck?! 2 days too late for this challenge and all I wanted what this program! Now, I do have to cry abit...

John Boaz Lee said...

Good day Stavros, I'm probably too late for the offer but I'll try my luck anyways. I am a first year graduate student at the University of the Philippines and I'm about to join my first poster session; I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last time so I need a sturdy program to help me create scientific posters. I saw the video on your site and I believe PosterGenius is what I need. Also, I'm a Christian so I don't believe it is right to obtain illegal versions of other people's work (applies for non-Christians as well). If the offer still stands I would appreciate it if you sent me a key.


john lee

Tim said...

because even though I am in America and in college, I still have to pay for all of it, and this program is something that I need but cannot afford

skounis said...

Because some people come here after my post i repeat:

All of you can contact me at skounis@gmail.com. I'll send you a personal license of PosterGenius for FREE.


andres said...

heya stavros, used the free trial, loved the program! im a student from melbounre, would love a license to show my research supervisors at my university and spread the word of postergenius through my university.



Anonymous said...

Simply because I have applied for a student license and have received no response from Postergenius.

Anonymous said...

Ρε Σταύρο αλληλεγγύη στη συμπατριώτισσα.. Βέβαια επικοινωνώ 3 χρόνια αργότερα, αλλά θα το ρισκάρω σε περίπτωση που μπορείς ακόμα! ;)
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