Monday, May 18, 2009

Scientific poster creation.

We have just launch videos that demonstrate the creation of scientific poster using PosterGenius and some software highlights.

Creating a scientific poster

See how easy is to create a scientific poster in few minutes.

Poster optimizer
"Fit" your content into your scientific poster area in on click

Professionally designed templates

Format your scientific poster with the 100+ professionally designed templates

More videos are available at PosterGenius YouTube channel

Friday, May 15, 2009

PosteGenius project

For the last 26 months i was working with a great team on PosterGenius Project.

PosterGenius is a desktop application specifically designed for the creation of scientific posters.

PosterGenius is an Eclipse RCP application that make use of EMF, SWT, XML, XSLT, Apache FO, Nebula Widgets. Nebula CollapsibleButtons are main part of applications GUI. Nebula Gallery control is used in many location.

PosterGenius was officially released at May 8 with the moto

"Scientific posters revisited"

Free trial is available for download at



Video demos are available at youtube postergenius channel