Saturday, March 6, 2010

PosterGenius, finalist for the eclipse community awards 2010

PosterGenius has been selected as one of the three finalists for the Best RCP Application for the 2010 Eclipse Community Awards.
Regardless of whether we will win the contest or not we already feel winners. It's a great recognition for 3 years of really hard work for one of the best team i have work with ever.

Please let me introduce this team:

  • Pavlos Moustakidis
    The man with the vision to simplify poster creation process
  • Stavros Kounis
    This is me.
  • Sakis Kotisis
    A kick ass java programmer that join us just after the first prototype of PosterGenius. Maybe the most talented programmer i have ever meet.
  • Georgos Tsopouridis
    A non-programmer that can build eclipse rcps and plugins better and faster than everyone else. Is the never-tired part of our team.
  • Stefanos Manolakis
    Our rookie that easily adapt it's skills from one technology to another. Is the man that do all the dirty jobs and clean up everything.

And last but not least:

  • Evangelos Karageorgos
    Our designer, marketing leader, QA leader and typography guru. We hate him. Is our nightmare. He believes that anything designed in Photoshop can be implemented in GUI.

Finally i want to give some credits to:

  • Eclipse Platform
    It was our choice from the beginning. Thanks to this great technology we have reach our goals. Is the platform we can rely on.
  • Eclipse Community
    Several issues in the platform have been resolved upon our requests (in bugzilla).
  • Nebula Team
    Nebula Gallery is heavily used in our product.

1 comment:

Sakis Kotisis said...

Maybe the most talented programmer i have ever met.

Here, let me fix this for you :

Maybe the most talented distance runner i have ever met.

After this shameless self promotion, there's only one thing left to add:

Stavros Kounis
Who made us realize "Systems Analyst" is not just a fancy job description and gave new meaning to the words "Project Manager". Although, if asked, he would prefer something catchy, like "downhill devil".