Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The fastest and easiest way to create your conference poster: PosterGenius

PosterGenius, a powerful, user-friendly software application that helps you create your scientific posters in less than 10 minutes. PosterGenius has been designed by physicians, scientists and researchers for physicians, scientists and researchers and offers a workflow tailored to the needs of the busy academic and researcher who creates scientific posters.

Why PosterGenius is the best tool for the creation of your scientific posters.
  1. It separates the content from the design of your poster. Therefore, it allows you to focus on your content, while the application automatically optimizes and manages the look and feel of the poster.
  2. It’s easier and faster than any other software for the creation of scientific posters.
  3. It takes your workflow to a whole new level with its unique features such as:
  • the 100+ professionally designed templates,
  • the optimal reading distance indicator,
  • the image optimizer that automatically positions, scales and aligns your images and captions.
Get the free Trial Version.
  1. To get the free Trial Version of PosterGenius, visit our Download page and click on the download link.
  2. After the download finishes, follow the instructions on the page, in order to install the application.

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