Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better RCPs with Lotus Expeditor

Lotus Expeditor provides better Look 'n Feel


Interesting features:

  • Custom widgets. Lotus Expeditor provides a mechanism for applying a common style to the user interface of applications. It does so by supporting not only standard SWT controls but also a set of custom widgets for which you can extend the customization. If you use these custom widgets to build the user interface of your application, you get the added capability of reflecting the workbench style or theme in your application to ensure that it looks like a member of the suite of application offerings. You can also apply a static style to the widgets to give your application a look and feel that is different from the other application offerings, if desired.
  • Rich text editor. The rich text editor enables your users to edit text through standard functions such as typing text, selecting fonts, and underlining. The rich text editor has the advantage of being completely configurable, manageable, and easily modified. It can be embedded in a Java application, provides a default UI (such as a tool bar), supports APIs for application development, and can extend an application's functions, such as handling events and contents.
  • Spell checking. Applications can perform spell checking, but to do so, a series of dictionaries must be set. The four ways to check misspelled words are by using:
    • The dictionaries supported by the given locale
    • The dictionaries supported by the platform default locale
    • Given dictionaries
    • Given dictionaries and a customized user dictionary

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